Spinoza 2/3

Or how life feeds a philosopher’s mind (and our own) and vice versa

2. A weapon of war against theology

Illustration : Nelly Damas for Foliosophy
Jan Bray de Regents of the Children’s Orphanage in Haarlem, 1663

The theologian Thomasius called it a Godless book, Reignier Mansveld a dangerous works for all religions that should be buried for all of eternity, Willem von Blienburgh, a correspondent of Spinoza’s, described it as a “book full of abominations, forged in hell.” Harsh criticism and massive scandal led to its ban one year prior to that of Hobbes’ Levianthan. Hobbes admiratively said of Spinoza: “This author outthrew me by a barre’s length for I durst not write so boldly.”



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